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This section of the website will explain how we have tried to make this website accessible to all users.

The Trust's website is built to meet W3C A standards for accessibility. This involves using clear labelling so users know where a link or button is taking them and the type and size of documents they are downloading. We have also used a clear design that takes account of people with visual impairments.


Text Size

Most operating systems allow users to change the size of the font on screen for easier reading unless you are using Internet Explorer 6.

If you are a Mac user, where you are told to hold down control, please use the apple key instead.

You can change the size of the page using the following method:

  • Hold down control and select + (plus) to increase the size of the page
  • Hold down control and select - (minus) to decrease the size of the page
  • Hold down control and select 0 (zero) to reset the page to its normal size


If you are using Internet Explorer 6, you can adjust the size of the text by selecting the ‘view’ menu and then the ‘text size’ menu, and choosing an option.


Low Graphics

This option changes the website to use a limited amount of images on the page. This helps users with slower internet connections especially if data charges apply.


Downloadable Documents

Many of the documents on this site are currently only available as PDFs (Portable Document Format).
To view any Portable Document Format (PDF) you need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is freely available if you do not already have a copy on your computer (see link below).

Clicking on a PDF link will open the file in your browser window, where you can view or print the file. If you click the PDF link with the right mouse button you will be given various options, one of which is to 'Save Target As....', if you select this option you can save the PDF file to your computer hard drive, and view the file whenever you wish.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader  (external link, opens in new window)


Browsealoud is a speech reading software that is free to download onto your computer.

Once it has been installed the user may choose to listen to any website content by moving the mouse across the text. This system has been designed to improve access to information for people with reading difficulties. To download the software plug-in, please visit the Browsealoud website (external link, opens in new window).